Horror in the fog

April 6, 2012
By HAL9000 PLATINUM, Springfield, Massachusetts
HAL9000 PLATINUM, Springfield, Massachusetts
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The river in day appears to be tame.
It's brown, subtle pull charms the naive man.
Broken tree limbs float with no one to blame,
And beyond the banks, the war drums began.
Flooded was my mind with dark energy.
Corrupted were my thoughts by worshipped speech.
Night came with primal screams of synergy.
The living idol feeds his need to preach.

What evil did this jungle truly hold?
What evil was compelled within my soul?
Forgetting all the lies that once were told,
I struck down the idol, which took its toll.
Leaving the pain and the horror of past,
I left on the boat, sure not to be last.

The author's comments:
Inspired by "Apocalypse Now".

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