I Hardly Know Her

April 5, 2012
I hardly know her,
Yet I talk to her night and day,
And I love her for sure,
For what will be I cannot say,
Because I hardly know her.

I know more,
She doesn’t believe in a love at first sight,
That is a fact,
And still I hope she might,
At least like me back,
I hope to know more.

I know enough,
I know what she looks like,
I love what she looks like,
I love her golden brown locks,
Her soft blue-green eyes,
Which penetrate and shock.
Intelligence dances around her,
Beautiful curves that hug her,
And I want to hug her,
From a single glance,
This is all visible.

I hardly know her,
Yet I would give everything up for her,
She is only one of a kind,
A mystery to my eyes,
I hardly know her,
And I hardly know what to do.

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