Br Ok En Ho Me

April 4, 2012
I hate whoever said that stupid phrase:
“Children should not be raised in a broken home.”
Is it better they age around fights fit for the gladiators of Rome?
Be amidst a love life more complicated than a maze?
Do you think I can’t smell the women on dad’s things?
Do you think little Ethan can’t hear his mommy cry?
Oh but I suppose they should continue to try?
Sustain a living hell for two almighty golden rings?
No! There is only one way our family can mend.
We must be destroyed, smashed, pulled apart.
Once and for all, put our pain to an end.
Ignore the ideals of the idiots who live in a fairy tale.
Leave; so that time can finally heal the wounds of all our hearts.
I do not need married parents to love them both without fail.

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