March 19, 2012
By Zac Krause GOLD, Thiensville, Wisconsin
Zac Krause GOLD, Thiensville, Wisconsin
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Sometimes the strength it takes to let you go
O’erpowers the grip I need to still hold on,
But here’s something I think you should know:
My wreck, my shambles will be built upon
And when I fall it’s on my own accord.
I may be emptier than never been,
And yes, it’s true, I may feel fully floored,
But I rise up and just start o’er again.
I may not have the perfect recipe
To whip up another batch of your hips.
You may not be my perfect destiny
And other things will taste sweet on my lips.

You hurt me hard and yes, you hurt me rough

Yet I evolved and became scarred but tough.

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