March 8, 2012
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Do you want to watch the clouds with me
Never giving up like the sea
Always yearning, churning, reaching learning
Do you want to float across the sky
Do you want to taste the winter air
With a crown of dandelions in your hair
Do you want out of this mundane way of living
Wanna take the time to ask why
Do you want to skip into a puddle
Dig your toes deep within the mud
With some yellow polka dotted rain bots
But don’t you put them on
Do you want to run into a store
Yelling ‘Fire!’ just because we can
Well I did that once, might as well do it again
Because I’m tired of living by their expectations
With their lofty upturned nose
I’m tired of them thinking I have to be perfect
Always have to say how it goes
This is how it goes-
I’m going to float away on a cloud-
The kind mostly white
They’ll laugh because they thought I was proud
But they never got it right
Then I’ll take a bag of money and throw it out to sea
Because I no longer care what you think of me

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