Distorted Heroics

March 1, 2012
By SevenSweetNothings BRONZE, Cambridge, Minnesota
SevenSweetNothings BRONZE, Cambridge, Minnesota
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If I am not afraid of end, of death
Why then do I cower at being torn?
Revealing no fear for my very last breath
Yet frail and weak against the scorn

Cowardice it seems resides within all
So what does it take to rise up and be brave
Die fighting, live on knees—dare we to crawl
Back to our feet? Isn’t it just praise we crave?

Lack of fear is not bravery, not guts
True valor requires an effort from within
Strength to overcome varieties of cuts
So what does it take to finally win?

Violence and death isn’t all we have to fear
Brave are those who endure, even but a leer

The author's comments:
It was inspired by thoughts, naturally. It's about how some people conquer ordinary fears every day and that goes unrecognized, and it also addresses how that even though something seems brave, it can't be truly courageous unless it was done in the presence of fear. The first quatrain actually is more about being irrationally afraid of public speaking, of being torn apart by the crowd, but not being afraid of things that seem rational to be afraid of (to some extent) like death.

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