Little Caramel

March 6, 2012
By Karina8D BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Karina8D BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Having two red eyes as bright as the sun;
It might be compared to something evil,
Having a cute little pet is so fun.
Like a mute little bug called a weevil.
Do not dare leave anything in its way;
It may not be a very tasty meal,
Because that is something very dismay.
But to some others it is their best deal.
Do you know what animal I speak of?
Oh but it is my little guinea pig;
He likes it when you give him lots of love.
He also has two big shiny white teeth.

Light as a small pillow, soft as velvet;
Painted in my mind, with a fake pallet.

The author's comments:
Hello, my name is Karina. My poem "Little Caramel" was written in memory of my first pet that I took care of all by myself. When my teacher gave me this assignment to write a poem on something you love or etc. I remembered Caramel. Caramel was such a sweet, loving animal until one day I saw him very quiet in his cage, not walking as much or eating and drinking. I was very worried and took him to the doctor and we found out he was very sick, so they said that he couldn't live much longer because he was dealing with pain so I took the option of putting him down to sleep. When people read my sonnet I hope they really like it and understand that taking care of a pet on your own and growing a special bond with it, then you suddenly lose it, it's not very easy.

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