First Sonnet Attempt

March 4, 2012
By QuiteBoringName BRONZE, 12, North Carolina
QuiteBoringName BRONZE, 12, North Carolina
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I waited for thee, far too long.

No arrival for what seemed an age.

And so I start to chant, in song.

My words of loneliness, fear and rage.

“Why does thee leave me, here alone?”

“Have I slaughter, rape or kill?”

“Even this is to condone

that my mind is so ill.”

So instead my darling, I shall stay with him,

The red and spiteful beast.

He stays with me when times are grim,

and our commune be ne’er ceased.

And so my babe, I guess that this is time for me to bid farewell,

To the ignorant, selfish, two headed monster your soul does lightly dwell.

The author's comments:
My first try at a sonnet. I think the pentameter is a little of but I'm not sure. :)

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