February 17, 2012
By Angel96 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
Angel96 BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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Perfect, what is perfect?
Does perfect mean that you show no emotions?

Does perfect mean that you are indestructible, you don’t care what people think? Is that what perfect means?

Does perfect mean that you have no feelings? Are you perfect because you where name brands like BabyPhat, Enyce, Nike?

What is perfect?
Is perfect a meaning, definition, answer what is perfect?

Can perfect be described as a color, shape or size?
Does perfect mean that you can show emotions, show fear, show everybody that it’s okay to be you, is that perfect?

And if so, would I pass the test? Are you perfect, me, or anybody, are we perfect?

I don’t know what the definition of perfect is but all I
can be is me.

Perfect What Is Perfect?

The author's comments:
When i was living in New York,i wrote this for a writing competition that my school was having.This poem is based on the concept of the word perfect.What that word means to you,and evn how alot of people have the ideal concept of how to achieve it.How if you wear a specific brand or you look a certain way that makes you perfect.I hope you like it,and get what im saying:)

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Lafar SILVER said...
on Jun. 7 2012 at 5:26 pm
Lafar SILVER, Paoli, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
It's okay to get an F. But in the greater scheme of things, nobody cares, especially when you get an ‘F’ in something that’s not reflected in the work you want to do.

Wow, this sonnet really got me thinking about "Perfect".


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