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And All That's Left

January 28, 2012
By cut-out-ur-eyes SILVER, Mechicsvil, Virginia
cut-out-ur-eyes SILVER, Mechicsvil, Virginia
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See the animal in his cage that you built. Are you sure what side you're on? What if everything around you, Isn't quite as it seems? What if all the world you think you know, Is an elaborate dream? -Nine Inch Nails

I torched the life
that I once knew
I gave it up
just for you
I cut my hair
just for them
I wept for days
just to fit in
I stopped eating
and shed the old skin
that I was comfortable in
to start over
and begin again
lyric-less songs
and days become long
a hate stirs inside
the void
that her soul left behind
now a narrator left
to pick up the rest
of a glass heart shattered
the body worn and tattered
the gears in her brain
are all rust
from the constant rain
now all that's left for her
is a deep hole in a lot
and a small pine box

The author's comments:
Morbid, isn't it?

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