Ode to Phoebe Prince

My aunt lives in Alaska, is calling.
Too expensive! Letters take too long, don’t delay!
Facebook, Twitter, and Skype will save the day!
Vacation I went, pictures: uploading,
Pictures: for all to see. Stress relieving,
How conven’nt! Video chats away!
Off to any sites we want, we can stray
The love, first increasing; now decreasing.

But, “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” From these treasures
Comes consequences: inhumanities
Suicide, derived from being bullied
How can it be stopped? What countermeasures?
What I beg is make these nonentities.
And soon, help make sure this chaos has died.

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leaves-fall-in-Autumn said...
Feb. 10, 2012 at 1:52 pm
Well, I think it's good. I read about that incident in so many magazines. It really p***ed me off how Phoebe let those kids win.
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