The End

January 23, 2012
By teenreader101 SILVER, Laurel, Maryland
teenreader101 SILVER, Laurel, Maryland
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“Stop there; do not come closer, back away”
I plead in my mind as it stalks closer,
This is it, im gonna die as its prey.
With closed eyes I breathe deep, my times over.

The thing inches up slowly, smirking wide
“I’ll give you a last wish, what would you like?”
“Nothing,” I say, “take my life, spare my pride.”
Indifferent, it lunges forward and strikes

I fall to the floor gasping for more air
Pinning me down it roars “WHY DID YOU COME?!”
“The realm needs you in this fight” I declare
Slowly, with pain, I stand, my body numb.

It laughs then stops. “I admire your courage,
but shant aid you in this mad carnage.”

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