A Sonnet for Henry Thoreau

January 23, 2012
It all started with a journal for thought
Inside was a fondness for intrinsic life
From this, came the divine verses he sought
Upbrought in a cabin filled with forest light

Outside his life of dainty poetry
He fell for a woman none to be his own
In his young heart, love was his tragedy
For, his brother shared the same love condoned

He was a guileless transcendentalist
His meals cohered of vegan cuisine only
He took part as an abolitionist
He was superb, but for the most part lonely

Gone is our marvelous Henry Thoreau

But in his poems our hearts still furrow

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IzzyVT said...
Jan. 30, 2012 at 6:52 pm
What clever rhyming! A fun, interesting poem. Nice to read something of a unique topic.
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