The Sealed Letter.

January 11, 2012
By LikeWobbly PLATINUM, San Antonio, Texas
LikeWobbly PLATINUM, San Antonio, Texas
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Dear That Guy,
I don't regret you,
but I do regret what you started,
and what i can't take back.
I don't miss you,
but I do miss the feeling your company gave me,
and life without this yearning to find what you took.
I don't care for you,
but i care that i gave you my trust
and in return you reminded me why i kept that to myself.
I don't think about you often,
but when i do it's painfully matter-of-the fact,
and you were just that guy,
and i was just that girl,
and we were just never meant to be.
I don't resent you,
but i do resent that you knew this all along,
and the fact you lead me on.
I don't cry for you,
but sometimes i think back to the moments when i did,
and i want nothing more than for you to have shared that pain.
I don't hate you,
but i hate that you could get away with this so carelessly,
and i hope you met my dearest friend, Karma.
Love, that girl.

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