Babies and Zombies

December 9, 2011
By Amy Johnson BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
Amy Johnson BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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To me zombies and babies are easily comparable.
The things they both do are simply unbearable.

If you have met, they need no introduction.
They just simply seem bent on destruction.

I know they can’t help it, and it’s just who they are.
For both I would scream and run very far.

From a sparse messy head of hair,
To tore and ill-fitting clothing they wear.

They have a very clumsy, unstable, and lurching walk.
They use moans and screams to speak and talk.

They have no sense of what is wrong or right.
They have an insatiable and aggressive appetite.

If they could talk there’s not much they would say.
Besides “I’m hungry; get me food right away!”

Their set of teeth is incomplete.
They are very messy when they eat.
They are usually dirty and smell very sour.
Give them a bath you wouldn’t last the hour.

They are full of aggression, terror, and spite.
You will never know when they decide to bite.

Sometimes they may be cute and funny.
But so, you see, is a rabid bunny.

You may enjoy a laugh every now and moreover.
I am grateful some can’t even turn over.

When you first meet its exciting at first,
Like a hurricane it will take a turn for the worst.

What other powers do these creatures keep?
Besides bestow you with lack of sleep?

Could they change others into what they may be?
Could we stand millions of Zombies or Babies?

Could their saliva be venom or bane?
Could one bite drive you insane?

The worst of their actions keep you in fright.
Of what might happen in the middle of the night.

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