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January 9, 2012
By rosepearlauthor BRONZE, Fallon, Nevada
rosepearlauthor BRONZE, Fallon, Nevada
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Here I stand and stare at his door,
Its pine wood rippled like the sea floor.
Here it stands in the white abyss
Showing the soul of whom I miss…

Here I stand and wait for the time,
For through its frame I must climb.
To show him what he does not know,
To him the knowledge I will bestow.

I stand here and wait, my heart in my chest,
Hoping, praying for the outcomes best.
I catch my breath, the door creaks open,
I pray for the words that must be spoken.

Now I step into the doors black abyss,
To control the dream of whom I miss.
To tell truth in a riddled way,
His mind I must gently sway.

A light I now hold in my hands,
It light flows in gentle stands.
His name I call and he looks at me,
Towards me he looks, but does not see.

I call him to me and he walks,
But halts as I begin to talk,
I speak of how his trust I need
How my warnings he must heed.

To him I show my silhouette,
I ask him if he did forget,
The voice, to him, that I speak,
Is it not the one he seeks?

To him this question I leave hanging,
As I see his mind not swaying,
I push him back to reality,
As I step back into eternity.

The author's comments:
This ia a poem written about a scene in one of my books. The scene in itself was poetic, so... I wrote a poem of it!

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