You Make Filthy Lies Sound Like Beautiful Truths

December 18, 2011
By RebeccaNeedsToPass SILVER, Forest View, Illinois
RebeccaNeedsToPass SILVER, Forest View, Illinois
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"Those who criticized our generation forgot who raised it."- anonymous

I hear you breathing on the other line.
Oh baby, go, I'm not really your type.
You think you can be the one who is mine?
I don't understand all the mindless hype.
So I won't be coming back home again.
You stay the same, I am the one who's grown.
Hang up the phone, get in your bed, and lay.
Why wouldn't you let me be all alone?
I'm not the one who's meant to be with you.
I'll leave you sad and hurting every night.
You need to figure out what you will do.
Just sit in your room and turn off the light.
I wouldn't let you be all about me.
I'm trying to save you, why can't you see?

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