Music of a Soul

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Playing you like a song,
Too gullible, you just follow along.
Wasting your life away,
Sitting back and just letting him play,
What happened t the girl who was so strong?

Fight for what you believe in used to be your motto,
And never let a guy pull you down so low.
You let people hear your amazing voice,
With your smile, you made everyone rejoice.
Never would you let a guy make you a show.

Plucking the strings of your heart like a guitar,
With every beat changing who you are.
How you act, what you feel.
Now I don't know if anything about you is real.
He's dimming the light of a shinning star.

With every drum beat of your hear,
He's blindly tearing you apart.
Fiddling away with each not,
Singing your soul away with every lyric he wrote.
You should've stopped him as soon as he pushed start.

Whittling your heart down as the seconds climb,
Shattering pieces of your soul with every chime.
Lying, he said this song was especially made for you,
But it's the same chorus he has played for every girl too.
Poison to you are those devilish words that rhyme.

Beat speeding up, his voice turns into a scream,
You begin to wish all of this was a horrible dream.
Reality hasa way of waking you from your sleep,
But this time you were in too deep.
There is no awaking, but reality is darker than it may seem.

As the compostition comes to an end,
The music notes don't seem to blend.
Abandoing you, he smashes the guitar into the ground,
Making a noise so loud, noticed by everyone around.
Even with glue, just like the guitar, your heart will barely mend.

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