Beautiful Death

November 28, 2011
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The Beautiful Death.

The world intoxicated with vigorous colors.

Crimson reds, Deep purples, Faded greens

Cool coppers, Inspiring yellows, and Atomic tangerines.

They hang on for the fight of their life.

Bombarded by chilling breezes, and rainy days

Only in the hopes to bask in the sun’s rousing rays

In till they Fall.

Some sway to east, some to the west,

Carried overseas or put to rest.

They get stomped on, sluiced away or

Picked up by the current of air.
Their hardships only ended by the great white blanket,

But not in despair.

Rebirth is established into spirited Greens.

Connected by their roots, differentiable by their shades.

Enveloped together to spread their energy they made.

Their diversity composes the world’s beauty.

They do not moderate themselves or deceive.

They just come together and help the world breathe

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