Star Struck

November 18, 2011
By Anonymous

Aching reminders of what will be
A helpless boat lost at sea
With nothing but the glow of a star
Trying to free my heart that’s been in a jar

Slowly peeling my eyes open, I start to know
The facts as I continue to row
Try to make my way home
But I’m too caught up in the zone

Sea salt is all I taste right now
I gotta find a way somehow
But with a storm so strong
I don’t know if I’ll last long

Every inch and ounce of hope
Starting to slowly let go of the rope
That I’ve been clasping on for so long
Letting go has never felt so wrong

And I’m free and falling so fast
From the future all the way to my past
And for a moment, I’m stuck here
For a moment, all seems fair

The chosen path I took is clear
And now there’s nothing left to fear
Looking up I see that star again
And that’s when I grab my paper and pen.

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