I Hate You Cause I Love You

November 17, 2011
My heart aches every night and day
I'm in pain,in my own way
It hurts a lot when i think of you
You make my days and nights blue

You're with someone else
And it is a pain
To me it seems that you're
Taking our love in vain
I wish we could be together again
But i guess it is something i wont gain

It seems that you don't care
To me,it isn't fair
I envy the girl you are with
She stole your heart
And you stole mine

I cant get it back
Cause if i do,
I might stop loving you

You said our love would last forever. But
it wont. Never!
I'm so sure of it
i hate that i believe it
but it is true
and i hate you
because i love you

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livelaughcrushin said...
Sept. 17, 2012 at 2:33 pm
i hope you find/found better!!
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