One Perfect Win.

November 9, 2011
By soccer24swim30 PLATINUM, Bangor, Maine
soccer24swim30 PLATINUM, Bangor, Maine
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Soccer practice is tough.
We begin with a 5K run,
than push ups and crunches,
it's not very fun.

Passing lanes with perfect accuracy,
agility training in the sand pits,
rolling tires and dribbling,
learning how to take a hit.

Learning different plays,
shooting at the net,
day after day,
covered in sweat.

Score 2-2 Championship game..
Winner takes all.
10 seconds left.
I kick the ball.

Perfect shot to the upper right corner,
the crowd shouts,
my team won,
the other team pouts.

10 years of practice.
Bruised shins.
None of that matters.
One perfect win.

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