What Lies Beneath

November 10, 2011
By CRDAmico SILVER, Middletown, Connecticut
CRDAmico SILVER, Middletown, Connecticut
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"It's not why you're running it's where you're goin', it's not what you're dreaming but what you're gonna do, it's not where you're born it's where you belong, it's not how weak but what will make you strong." ~U2

What lies beneath the great, dark lake
Far away one happens to see
The water that ripples, your breath to take
A blurred horizon looms ominously

And in the pool of emerald slime
What could be so deadly
Only a monster of the murky brine
Slithers to a solemn medley

Rising silently from the mist
He bows his head as if to weep
The camera you clutch in your ice-cold hands
Captures the lore of Scottish lands

Staring off into the distance, as he has done for many years
Smooth scales of onyx and amber sparkle with Nessie’s lonely tears

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