Cinderella Story

November 3, 2011
By harrypotter51297 SILVER, Dyersville, Iowa
harrypotter51297 SILVER, Dyersville, Iowa
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They say Prince Charming will come to save Cinderella,
But no one realizes that the Devil will come to fight this unworthy fella.
It never occurs to anyone to make sure that Cinderella is innocent & true,
For sometimes, Cinderella and the Devil might just be playing you.

But he knew not of this, that his quest to save her was undoubtedly a lost cause,
That his life was about to change completely, all for some lost maiden, who “accidentally” broke some laws.
So Cinderella sits up in her tall tower,
Waiting for the day when, out from the forest, stumbles out yet another coward.

But alas, so the Devil sat waiting and watching, for the moment to arise,
When “Prince Charming” came with a fake fearlessness in his young eyes.
The Devil has been scheming with Cinderella since she was a little girl,
Though they tried to keep it quiet, they both knew that this would be the beginning of their new world.

When the day that poor lad came across Cinderella’s marble tower,
He couldn’t help but notice the way Cinderella’s eyes glowed like a beautiful Moon flower.
Cinderella greeted him with a false joy, saying he had come to save her,
But the boy knew he was in love, and nowhere in his heart did this love waver.

The boy was gracious and kind to poor Cinderella, saying that he wished to marry,
Cinderella was thrilled, for this was Step 1 in the plan she wished to carry.
But the boy wished to know her better, before they wed,
Which Cinderella said would be a better idea instead.

Over the next couple of days, the boy came back, again and again,
While the Devil sat impatiently on his seat, waiting for this to truly begin.
But Cinderella soon began to look forward to his arrival, impatient for a different reason,
Which made the Devil angry that she would even to think of such incredible treason.

Finally, after a week of this, the Devil came out of his hiding to confront the young maiden,
He accused her of growing to fond of the boy and putting off their plan to slay him.
But beautiful Cinderella had a big choice to make, to choose between her love, or Hell Himself,
Normally nothing would have changed her mind, but this was just a question of love or wealth.

So Cinderella finally stood her ground, telling the Devil she was done,
But while he stretched his horrific arms around her neck, her Prince Charming came and drew love’s gun.
Soon the two were battling, circling around and around,
Keeping eyes locked on each others’, never looking at the scene on the ground.

Cinderella watched the two as first the Devil drew his, then the boy,
Making it even more dangerous, for everyone knows knives are not toys.
But the boy loved Cinderella like the Devil knew not how,
And he was not going to let her slip away from him, not then, not now.

But the Devil was losing his focus for he had finally noticed what was happening at his feet,
And he stopped to watch in horror as he numbly offered feat.
The boy then struck and thrust his knife into his chest,
Hoping that the sharp blade would do the rest.

As the Devil fell on his side with a gruesome thud,
The boy finally looked down to see what happening in the drying mud.
He too looked with disbelief and fright,
For never had he seen such a pretty face covered with her own blood and eyes with no light.

Now Cinderella don’t you go to sleep, it’s such a bitter form of refuge,
Well don’t you know the kingdom’s under siege.
He whispered these words gently in her ear, but his words were shaken and mangled,
But she blinked once more and whispered I’m Sorry before her hand slid away from the knife’s wooden handle.

Sometimes true love finds a way, and sometimes it doesn’t,
We can’t be sure it even exists, but no one has proof that it doesn’t.
Cinderella may sometimes work with the Devil and play you,
But sometimes you must trust that their heart will stay true.

The End

The author's comments:
This was inspired by The Killers song "Dustland Fairytale".

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