Are You Still Wondering?

October 5, 2011
By CarolynMarie BRONZE, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
CarolynMarie BRONZE, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"I'm like a bird stuck in a cage with two broken wings. Even if I found a way out, I wouldn't be able to fly.."

Hold on tightly,
We are taking a spin!
On what used to be
The hell we lived in!

I feel My Goddess,
Holding me to reality.
Making me see how I am,
But I smile sadly.

I feel forgotten.
I want peace.
She stays there watching,
Taking me in: piece by piece.

I hug her
As she hugs me back,
Making me feel love,
As if I was desperate just for that.

I want to be held still
Just for a single second.
I want to lay my head down,
And it be okay with me coming in as second.

My body hurts,
As well as my heart,
From being so broken,
I may have lost all my art.

I hate this feeling,
That creeps up into my spine.
Keeping me here waiting,
Only to be declined.

Where are you?
Who say I push you away.
When I’m the one waiting,
For you to come running in any way.

So, My Goddess,
Do you now understand?
Why I’m so broken
That it even hurts to stand?

I’ll keep trying,
I will promise you that.
But, if I die,
I’ll die having everyone’s back.

You put your problems on me,
Never taking any away,
If I go to the Summerlands,
Maybe then you will see why I couldn’t stay.

You always comment
On how lonely I am,
But how come they never try to help,
Making me feel as if I’m already damned.

You have your reasons.
I’m aware of at least that.
But saying you try
Is just a lie you made to make you feel like you have my back.

It’s okay, you’ll be alright.
Maybe, My Goddess will send me away.
To be with her
And with My God I will stay.

Don’t be sad,
I’ve never left!
For the truth is,
You are the only one who made a theft.

You made me cry and
Made me stay alone.
Only to be left broken,
And never was fixed or sown.

Don’t call me fake.
I was always true.
You made me feel as I should
Put a smile on my face with glue.

So stay still.
Don’t worry about a thing.
I’m still here,
Though my Lord and Lady will maybe pull me away and make me sing.

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