Dry rain

September 8, 2011
By fosterandcheyenne GOLD, Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania
fosterandcheyenne GOLD, Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania
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I’m breathing.

Silently screaming.

Laughing, i’m crying

tears of dry rain.

and holding your hand

I’m alone in a crowed.

And you are my mountian

that came tumbellilng down.

without a voice i am yelling

with no eyes i’m seeing

invisible pictures that aren’t there.

So, please open my eyes

and grab me.
hold tight.

and show me the way out of there.

look into my eyes.

tell me that it’s all right

…give me those green sparks

and make me shiver

from your velvet touch

and whipser in my ear

that you love me

and touch my skin

in secret places

Cover me with your body

making sure

that no one hurts me.

Than open your eyes, and show me the way

to a grassy green feild

where we’ll lie for the day

and holding hands, we will kiss.

…the blue sky happily, watching

sprinkles rainless drops onto my hair.

Tell me you love me.


and once more.

And together we make a secret

too good for the world.

But baby, it takes two.

I’m not saying it’s you..

but i cant let myself be tossed in the dark

i need our love to be surrounded in light.

and warmth.

So, spray me with warmth and I’ll explode..

right along with you..

making our connection.

forever perfect, like you.
11 months ago

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