August 16, 2011
By Polijazz SILVER, Masefau, Other
Polijazz SILVER, Masefau, Other
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"Life may knock me down 10 times harder everytime, but I will not let it knock me down to where I cannot get back up." -Jazzy

Your happiness is like the rising sun,

but when it dies it's like a falling moon.

It lightens the world when you smile just once,

but when you don't the world is full of gloom.

Your happiness can give me sun OR rain,

but then again it even gives me both.

It calms my heart when I'm in so much pain,

but when it's gone it's like a broken oath.

If I could alter time that would be great,

to watch your happiest moments in life.

To erase all the times you were in pain,

and remove all your obstacles and strife.

Your happiness IS, though one of a kind.

If you shall let it die then so will MINE.

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