Meagar Barbie Doll

August 8, 2011
Sitting on a shelf a simple small toy
A meager barbie doll awaits to bring joy.
Everyone loves her because she's a people pleaser.
She'll be whatever you want, constantly a theater.
Barbie is well liked by everyone she's met
But if she's so popular, why must you buy her friends?
She's forced into a house to live with a dull ken
All actions are controlled, all movements are planned.
Her looks are flawless, her style- fantastic.
But her insides are all fake, simply just plastic.
The smile on her face is set like a stone
Unmovable, unchangeable, can't let out a groan.
Meager Barbie doll she must feel so ashamed.
But who am I to judge her since we are the same?

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