Brendon Urie Sonnet

August 6, 2011
Your eyes so brash with brown, brimming and bold,
Smeared with black smoke; they rock me to my core.
You sing sweet tales that before went untold,
Coming in bursts, like a Northern Downpour.
You make me praise the brand New Perspective-
You have opened my eyes to a new stance.
Sometimes, Pretty Odd can be respective;
Sometimes you need to take a brazen chance.
You may Write Sins, some human fallacies,
But I can hear some good inside your soul.
For some, the surface is all they see,
But I can truly see the all, the whole.
And I Constantly Thank God you could be,
The only inspiration, only for me.

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yourstruly25 said...
Sept. 26, 2016 at 12:59 pm
do you know where i can find a sonnet about this is gospel
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