The Night

July 8, 2011
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So dark and intimidating in contrast to day
As we sigh in the wind and fearfully lay
Into our comfortingly soft bed
Ready to let go of our head
And submit to the shadows on the wall
If, surprisingly enough, after all
They are inanimate the whole time in the dark
The daytime and swings and slide and park
Seem so bright in contrast to this scene
The glaring darkness seems so mean
When one is alone at night
In their room, be there light or no light
One still cannot escape from the silence so binding
Only to walk to the mirror finding
That image that is normally so familiar seems so hostile now
Unable to recognize why or how
All those usual happenings now scare you so bad
The book lying on the corner of your desk now seems so devilishly glad
Innocent by day, yet turned evil when dark approaches
The little black shells on the floor take on the appearance of roaches
Sinister is the glowing light of the laptop under the bed
Leaving threats lingering unsaid
The sound of a footstep sets your imagination arise
At a monster in disguise
With the cloak of dark upon them
Your eyes shift to your precious gem
Yet you know that it is your traveling imagination
Making some sort of fear driven creation
To set off your easily scared nerves
The carrier of dreams then suddenly serves
You an admission to join right away
Sleep comes to you and you continue to lay
Stiffly turning off the light
And set yourself in bed ready to embrace the night

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