His Volcano

July 8, 2011
By Mawhaw BRONZE, Stafford, Texas
Mawhaw BRONZE, Stafford, Texas
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We are on a mountain, only his heart and mine, they are fusing
A warning call, sharp and tall, hits my ears, telling me he is using
It says he is using me, only his ice is real, and without me he can not survive
He will disappear, our love is laced of fear, a net to keep him alive

My body grows cold as he leans in, his touch is of ice that has never felt heat
The mountain we are upon shakes beneath my feet
Even though there is snow around us, the mountain is burning like fire, and I wonder why
He reads the question in my eye, and births another lie

Looking in my face, glowing of grace, he whispers that the heat is our love
It is to keep us safe from the cold surrounding underneath, beside, and above
I nod, I nod, I nod, letting him assume he does not deceive
But the truth is as real and acidic as his skin, it makes me want to leave

I try to go, the grounding earthly heat is slow, but it burns me so harsh and cruel
Pulling me back, he takes my hand and holds me close, but I am not a fool
I know, darling, I know, it is not a mountain but a volcano we stand upon
I know, darling, I know that the moment I move and the sky gets out of dawn

Our so called love will crumble and fall inside, leaving no room to run and hide
Suddenly the truth reveals as the sun lets out and I exclaim a single surprised shout
Only I am falling into the mountain, in the heat, and he is calling, weeping acid tears
He knew it was only I who would go, he has known all these years

The author's comments:
This is a piece write about a girl who is tricked by a "lover" into believing they are on a mountain surrounded by snow when they are actually on a volcano. She knows something is wrong with thier relationship and assumes they will both wind up falling in the volcano, when actually it is just her who will fall, and the guy knew all along. If you read carefully you will understand what I am hinting at.

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