Shades of Gray

June 16, 2011
By PaigeElise BRONZE, Santa Rosa, California
PaigeElise BRONZE, Santa Rosa, California
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There’s a constant storm above my head
I feel just like the walking dead
I can’t remember what went wrong
Times have passed it’s been so long

I wish the colors would return
To the lifelessness which came in turn
I live silent day by day
Engulfed in swirling shades of gray

Ever since I mumble quiet
Dreaming of sleep you should try it
Music means nothing but pain and tears
You've surpassed my greatest fears

The ground is parched where I have lain
I’m sick and done with all the pain
You were never there for me
One day you’re going to see

Loved you more than I admit
You’re now gone I just can’t sit
You were the big bang of my heart
Stars burst and my soul falls apart

I try to sleep I just see you
I can’t escape I know it’s true
Silence is a thousand screams
Your soft smile haunts my dreams

Dark gray blood drips everywhere
You stabbed my heart and left it there
I hear the whispers in my head
I’m nothing now I’m practically dead

Death seems good a pearl white case
Frozen in time free and chaste
Protected from the world’s harsh rays
The snow is red on darker days

The author's comments:
I used to be in this band and they told me to quickly make up some lyrics to a song called "shades of gray" that was about sadness. I started and this is what came up, of course I changed stuff and there was no chorus so it became a sonnet. It is really depressing.

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