June 14, 2011
By TheEspresso BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
TheEspresso BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Memento Mori

Now I give thee a tale of the Devil:

Something changed in the soul of a woman

In the midst of all their joy and revel.

The woman ran home and came with a plan.

And she crept through her house with knife in hand.

As her son fell into eternal sleep,

The Fires of Hell spread throughout the land.

And not a single soul would dare to weep,

For misery was far too great to bear.

C’est l’histoire sans fin de l’enfer sur Terre.

The author's comments:
When a mother decides to end the life of her own flesh and blood, there is more at work than a simple homicide. It is proof that the Devil walks among us, and if we do nothing to prevent it, let all Hell break loose.

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