One's Love that is too Strong

June 12, 2011
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A young Capulet whose beauty is more beautiful then a rose
And yet is unthinkable about finding love that her mother owns
Neither a Capulet nor Montague could love one another
Yet they have to have hatred for each other
A pretty little girl who finds love at a family event
With who only but the attractive Romeo feel in love that could not even cost one cent
Both felt lost before but now they found meaning
But both have to be enemies due to their families intervening
That doesn’t stop them to be together forever
Both can not live without the other
Trying to find ways for them to be together is a tough one it that
News brings to the young maiden’s ears that her lover is banished which brings nothing to laugh at
Now Romeo is gone for good
The maiden has to marry someone that she should
Thy fair maiden rather chooses death over her father’s set up marriage
So she decides to go to Friar to express a disparage
She takes a vial to be with and run away with her lover
But now she takes it and she is dead forever

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