"'The Nuclear Effect"

June 8, 2011
As I see the last tree fall
I stand with a tear in my cheek long and tall
And as I walk to my home along the oil filled waters of a water fall
I lie on the decomposing ground and roll up like a ball

I weep and weep
Till I feel the acidic rain touches my feet
And I walk in the acid rain and I stare at the sky
Black with touches of brown and orange
Not even a single bird flies high
It’s not hard to know why they don’t fly by

As I make it home in our cave
I see my mother with her broken legs
And as I remember the days when all was green
And when all was blue and bright and I was just a teen
After our eyes were flashed before our minds in the super explosion
We landed in sadness and all that was pure was rot

No healthy water
No good food
No sweet sunshine
The nuclear effect

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