Free from the Hummingbird

June 6, 2011
By percabethfreak BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
percabethfreak BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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I didn't mean for what I did to hurt
It broke my heart for what I had to end
And I just had to say it short and curt
You're love toward me was more than "just a friend"

I know that I'm the one needed to blame
I just did not feel it there anymore
And all the excuses just sound so lame
My mind, my eyes, my heart they're all so sore

And then I got the note and read it all
I read it at night 'cause I knew I'd cry
I felt the pain you felt during the fall
The last words there were hummingbird goodbye

I cried my eyes and felt I were a con
Don't worry though the hummingbird is gone

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