May 13, 2011
By HerSilverTongue GOLD, Okotoks, Other
HerSilverTongue GOLD, Okotoks, Other
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Just because I'm not like you doesn't make me wrong, it makes me different.
And you give, and they take, and it's love that you want, but not love that you make.

You can't know what you do to her,
How you play with her emotions.
Your love is like a drug to her,
And she's lost within your oceans.

She has dreams just like everyone,
And you shine bright as the sun.
But you burn out fast, everybody knows,
This story's been told & she knows how it goes.

Those oceans are just a basin of lies,
And your love will only bring tears to her eyes.
She'll be left with deception & all of your guilt,
Thinking she was the exception until you broke what you built.

There will be no pity in her heart left for you,
There will be nothing left for you to do.
They can label her as anything they want,
They're there, although only to taunt.

Even though YOU never were,
You'll just blame it all on her.
She'll be the reason for your pain,
And she'll do anything for you to gain.

This story is a nightmare disguised as a dream,
This is a dirty love affair, your twisted little scheme.

But she won't give you anything,
No handiwork for you.
You'll give her every reason for laughing,
Because all along she knew.

She won't sit and wonder,
How it all went wrong.
How it all went under,
When your feelings were so strong.

As the saying goes,
Practice makes perfection.
And you make a few foes,
Before you perfect rejection.

You said it yourself on that friday afternoon,
Did you think I would forget,
Did you think I was immune?
To your quiet confessions,
Your secret obsessions.

You're never with out a plan,
But you're a boy not a man.
She'll be another chess piece,
A pawn that you can play.
And you won't ever leave in peace,
'Cause that's just not your way.

One thing I know for sure,
You're a disease without a cure.
Only now do I see this clearly,
Only now that She was Me.

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