The Wind

April 13, 2011
By Charlotte List BRONZE, Fair Haven, New Jersey
Charlotte List BRONZE, Fair Haven, New Jersey
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Everyday I am discussed by many,
They try to predict my strength each day;
Blow hard or soft; I am very moody
Commonly I am seen over the bay;

People do not care about me, but sailors.
They use the bay and I to move in boats
Sailors, if they get wet they use bailers.
Spring, summer, and fall I move them in boots.

I make sailors happy when I am strong,
For then, they are excited: sailing fast;
Weathermen anticipate and are wrong,
Trying their best with fear to come in last;

Some days they sail and I do not show up;
I am wind and I try not to blow up.

The author's comments:
I love to sail, so when this was assigned in class I decided to write it about sailing a sport that I love so much! I thing discovered to write it from the point of view as the wind which I thought made it more creative. I hope you like it!

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