Your Time Comes

April 1, 2011
By prettyboy2611 BRONZE, Williamsport,Pa, Pennsylvania
prettyboy2611 BRONZE, Williamsport,Pa, Pennsylvania
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Your Life Goes By As Fast As A Track Star,

I Don’t Know What To Describe It As But,

A Super Star Or Even A Nascar,

Think Of It As A Can That Might Just Shut,

Bullets, Knives, Foods, Diseases, Plus Way More,

As Your Mother Might Ever Say To You ,

Watch Your Life Pass Right Through The Door,

Blood Shed Hurts You And Turn Your Parents Blue,

Once Happy And Glad, Now Frowning And Sad,

Tears Flying, Not Only You Dying,

Should Have Protected Your Self With A Pad,

Enough Of This Sonnet, Now I’m Sighing,

Friday Afternoon Time To Get This Done,

So I Can Go Out And Play In The Sun.

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