Such a Silly Thing.

March 21, 2011
I'll deny it more and more each coming day.
I'll never face the questions that I ponder over love.
I'll never admit to a soul that I might possibly believe,
Or that it's something I would give anything to be apart of.

Why should I place faith in such a silly thing?
It's absurd, like placing a blade in the bottom of my heart.
Why is it that something so risky and dangerous
Is the reasoning behind the creation and progression of art?

There's so many questions to this adoration.
And there's no reason to claiming it only "chemical."
Because something so beautifully honest and brave
Can only come from the very depths of our soul.

I've told myself always that love is nothing but a word.
Meaningless while it only consists of four misplaced letters.
But why is it that this word alone lifts us off our heels,
Lifting our sorrows as if their weight was nothing but a feather.

No, I still must confide the truth to darkness.
If I were to open into the light I would surely loose myself.
To simply allow someone to take and mend this heart,
And keep it like some trinket or toy on a pampered shelf.

Maybe it's because I always feel terribly alone,
Perhaps it truly takes two people to realize that we're alive.
Maybe it's the key to another's heart and love,
That bond and trust that really makes sparks fly.

I have no idea where I would begin,
And I'm afraid to think of what I would become without these walls.
These stone hedges that protect me from the others,
But also act as a veil to hide my flaws.

Though, I suppose there's always a chance.
After all, they say there's love out there for everyone.
And who even knows,
I might one day fall in love, all during the long run.

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LilyPad said...
Apr. 20, 2011 at 9:16 pm
I think this is my favorite so far. It seems to me, through this poem, you might have had a rough "love" life. I also may be reading too much into it, because I do tend to do that quite a bit, but another thing. It seems you get very emotionally attached to these people you love and that's what makes it hurt worse when it's over. Yet you're still so hopeful and optimistic about it all. :) I think I'm reading into this all wrong, seeing too much of my mind set on things. I understand the bitterne... (more »)
LilyPad replied...
Apr. 21, 2011 at 8:23 pm

Of course you can. I mean, that is why I joined. I don't write but I absolutely, enjoy reading and trying to analyze. :) It's substantially sad. There's some really amazing work on here..but most of it I really cannot connect to. It's just simply there, told and not shown. 

I see what you're saying. After the colossal failure of my first "romance", I wanted to give up completely. If I did find a guy I liked it would end badly because I was still so affected by ... (more »)

DallyDysfunctional replied...
Apr. 23, 2011 at 11:38 am

~ About the comment errors, at first I thought it was just my computer, but it also happened to you, so I'm assuming it's something with TeenInk that needs a little patch up ;P So If I comment twice, forgive me, I'm trying my best, ha!


Wow. You really opened up, didn't you? I'm really impressed, takes a lot of courage to do that, especially on an open forum. Strength, nice. (: I guess I'll give a bit of my story. Maybe you'll be able to search deeper into my poems if I te... (more »)

LilyPad replied...
Apr. 27, 2011 at 8:24 pm

Yeah, I saw that after I replied. It may have something to do with the discussion being so extensive? Sorry for that. I suppose I've been holding my secrets for a blind man. You don't know me, I am more or less a stranger to you. As for inquiring readers, who may or may not come across my comments; why should I care? I don't know them. So please, do not be at all impressed, for it's the exact contrary.
You genuinely did not have to share that with me. That was not my point in tel... (more »)

DallyDysfunctional replied...
Apr. 27, 2011 at 10:25 pm

A player? No. I don't expect you or anyone to believe me when I say I'm not, that I don't want to be. I know my expierences and the way I describe myself may lean to it. I actually don't know the straight definition of "Player", but I refuse to believe that's me. I'm aware I hurt people. I'm aware I don't have love to return. No ONE girl made me into whatever you choose to call me. Relationships aren't the only reason I'm this way. I could never let a relationship control me so powerfully.more »)

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