March 23, 2011
By spencertraver07 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
spencertraver07 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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None cared to find the hurt behind the eyes.
A happy face disguising all the pain.
Ears heard the truth but hearts heard all the lies.
Faking every day could not be humane.
Playing hide and seek with reality,
Surely, one could not go on forever.
Time will come to face actuality,
From leaving this disguise: now or never.
The humiliating truth has been revealed.
It is time to let go of what was claimed.
This fake disguise is no longer a shield.
Will this be pitied or will it be shamed?
Now the shame has taken over control,
Furthermore this disguise now has no role.

The author's comments:
I wrote this with a lot of rules for school, so it's not really a free-write that I'm normally used to.

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