The Need To Cry

March 22, 2011
By striving_for_happiness SILVER, Pekin, North Dakota
striving_for_happiness SILVER, Pekin, North Dakota
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Favorite Quote:
Those who do not feel pain seldom think that it is felt.
-Dr. Samuel Johnson

Sometimes you just need to cry
It’s not over until you cease to try
An ending is just a new beginning
Losing only means that you’re not winning
You can no longer swim, the shore is too far
It’s hard to tread water when it feels like tar
You look above for some sort of sign
But if He can’t help you’ll do just fine
You’re numb and wet but still you fight
The ocean around you reflects the night
Your skies are filled with shining stars
A million fireflies in a thousand jars
Drowning isn’t an option anymore
You refuse to sink to the ocean floor
You’re crying now, you feel the need
And in the cold water you begin to plead
The strength to move, the strength to live
You ask for the forgiveness you need them to give
But everything you say is slurred
The edges of reality are a little blurred
The pain has gone from knives to needles
The buzzing in your head like a thousand beetles
You know the end is near
But everything is now so clear
You see it all flashing by
Now you can’t remember how to cry
The good and the bad it all makes you smile
It’s time to close your eyes for a little while
You remember you don’t want to drown
“But why?” you wonder with a frown
Suddenly your eyes snap wide
You feel a changing in the tide
It pushes you toward the shore
All you need is a little more
The sun rises on you, lying in the sand
You collapse the moment you touch the land
You made it alive, you got to this place
The water reflects as the tears run down your face

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