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March 8, 2011
By Yasmin Hernandez BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Yasmin Hernandez BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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I've been wondering where my life will go.
Will my grandpa want me to be a wife?
I've been wondering how my life will flow.
Will cheer leading make me someone in life ?
I think sometimes is he happy with me?
I want to see him pleased with a smile.
Will cheer leading be a career for me ?
I sometimes wonder as I walk the aisle.
I want to make my grandfather happy.
Will cheer leading be the answer ti that? If i disappoint him I'll feel crappy.
I feel like he's in my mind to chit chat.
I love him like there is no tomorrow
The day he passes I'll feel sorrow.

The author's comments:
I love my grandpa and cheer leading is my life. My grandpa is like my main reason of why to succeed in things. Unfortunately he had a stroke and from then on I've thought what if this was the last time I see him. So he is who inspired me to write this sonnet because hes always wanted the best for me . And in return I just want him proud and happy .

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