Friendship That'll Last a Lifetime

March 7, 2011
She never fails me and is always there,
She shows you her love through those big, brown eyes.
That love so deep, for her I’ll always care,
And a smile from me she can always rise.

I sat in my room, crying all alone.
She walked right in and she comforted me.
Trying as for my sadness to atone,
Love pierced my heart, as if stung by a bee.

Has she ever never been at my side?
She licks my face, a reassuring hug.
Through loss of family or a friend who lied,
Upon my heart strings she will always tug.

On my life, she’s forever left her print,
Everything she’s done for me relevant.

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LetsPretend said...
Mar. 31, 2011 at 5:31 pm
Woah it sure brought back memories...great job :)
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