February 26, 2011
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From Death you would hide, with eternal eyes
But Death will not leave you, he stalks your life.
He watches your lover, until she dies
and he brings your world fear, grief, pain, and strife

He is the Pale Horseman. Lo! Death ‘cross’d you!
Yet you just cry, and watch your family die.
With glossy gruesome gaze, hearts go numb.
Why still do you stare, with eternal eyes?

Come from the shadow, I beseech you so
You are the goose, and you are cooked well
Join your family in rest, and you will know
Or like goose to gun, you’ll fall into Hell

But one day you’ll learn the comfort of love
And die with honor and family and friend
With them you’ll ascend to the sky above
And this quarrel with life and death will end.

Accept him for truth, for he speaks not lies
Now sleep at last, close your eternal eyes.

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WrittenEmotions said...
Jan. 13, 2012 at 2:42 pm
woah... you are SO good!!! :D better than me!
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