Dark Slumber

January 22, 2011
By ang-ang BRONZE, Calabasas, California
ang-ang BRONZE, Calabasas, California
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Dark slumber
I shut my eyes and then he appears
He's in my nightmares
It's like he is stalking me
There's a chill in the air and I begin to shiver
His frozen footsteps creep closer
My breathing becomes heavy and I start to see my breath in front of me
As he draws near I turn to run but he is already in front of me
I open my mouth to scream but nothing comes out not even a squeak
I know I'm in trouble
But I can't move and I can't make a sound
He's there in my dark slumber
I can't escape him
He's everywhere I am
The darkness begins to close around me , I feel him choke me
It gets colder and colder
Then he whispers, " I'm always going to find you, theres no escape "
I start to cry
Looks like my life has ended but there comes a noise
I wonder what it is
Then my eyes open and it's my alarm clock and I wake up from the nightmare and from my dark slumber

The author's comments:
there is nothing really to learn from this but it was based on when a guy doesn't leave you alone that you have nightmares about him and it seems like he is following you

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