January 15, 2011
Was all I could say to that stunning beautiful face.
I stopped his heart before it even started.
And I feel horrible because, he might love me.
My heart won’t let him through.
He doesn’t know the barrier that pushes him away.
It isn’t because of him or because of me.
It is all because of you.
He asked for my heart and I still wish it was you.
I still feel you there in the back of my mind.
And it hurts to still know that.
Is how I feel.
Still loving someone I didn’t have.
You broke my heart and I broke his.
My heart is still with you no matter how much pain we both take.
I love you.
And I am sorry that I can’t stop.
Did you?
So please don’t walk away like it doesn’t matter.
Like “we” don’t matter.
I am tired of breaking other people because you scattered my bones.
I am tired of loving you and playing these games.
I won’t stop loving you until you say.

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