The Death of Love

January 13, 2011
By Lazuriasi SILVER, Boulder Creek, California
Lazuriasi SILVER, Boulder Creek, California
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"you see when women are younger than 18 they are protected by the law, over age 65 and they're protected by nature, anything in between is fair game"

In the land of hate, cruelty, and spite
We wander through this place without a map
For if we do no know if we are right
We must go on towards that devils lap
We must escape the light with the shadows
For if we do not we will surely burn
But what if I cannot deal with the wallows
They seem to make my skin reel and churn
But I cannot deal with what is up there,
With all those side glances and guilty looks
And the place it happened is there somewhere,
I had no idea what it took

For until you had finally up and gone
Then did I realize I was alone

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