War's Plague

January 14, 2011
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War, a hellish place where nations collide.
War torn buildings filled with charred embers and the blaze of fire.
Thousands fall, murder, killing, and genocide.
A memory that haunts me forever and reminisces in my very mind to never leave.
In war, war there is no winner, only the mangled bodies of the dead.
A frozen moment of calm, then the faces of those you have killed appear.
For these reasons, the ravaged and barren lands are burned into my head.
For everything gone, bleak, a ghastly sight to behold, yet again the faces appear!
Is nothing left, even a mere scrap of uncharred earth that isn’t burned?
For nothing can stop war, it is man’s greed.
Is there nothing we have learned?
Crumbled buildings and rubble are seen in a grey streaked sky.
The only light not eaten by the dark is the exploding shells
This is war, this is hell.

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