Moms Glow

December 24, 2010
By , , MI
The room is full of darkness,
The people tend to cry,
Emotions are just hopeless,
Unlike myself, I’m shy.

I walk up to the casket,
I force myself to try,
To look down at the memories,
That I won’t let pass by,
I then look to the sky,
And preach to god “But why?”

She was my inspiration,
My only motivation,
The one who told me not to cry,
The one who got me by.

I try now to remember,
Of times before this December,
When happiness would strike me,
And she was here to like me.

I look now at the window,
The presence of a glow,
A light so bright,
That tried to let me know,
She’s right here now beside me,
She’ll never let me go.

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